Help and support

Regulations of technical support of CityHost.UA

Work schedule and deadlines for providing answers

Technical support works around the clock.
From 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. from Monday to Friday, you can get an answer to any question related to working with domain names, hosting, virtual servers and other services we provide.
In the evenings and on weekends, technical support answers only questions related to the operation of servers (web server in general, e-mail, MySQL, Apache, FTP).

You can contact technical support by phone, chat and email
If you contacted by phone, but your question needs detailed consideration, we will ask you to write a letter. If you submitted an application by email, there is no need to call and ask the same thing - your application has already been recorded, and we are working on solving the issue.

After sending a letter to, you will receive a reply that your application has been received. Applications are processed on a first-come, first-served basis.
The deadline for processing a request depends on the workload of the department and is at most:
Mon.-Fri up to 24 hours from the moment of receipt,
Sat - Sun up to 48 hours from the moment of receipt.

Duties of technical support include:
1. To support the correct operation of web servers and installed applications
2. Respond to malfunctions and incorrect operation of hosting services: server as a whole, e-mail, MySQL, Apache, FTP, SSH.
3. Advise Clients on hosting settings.
4. Block accounts (sites) without warning in the event of: sending Spam, exceeding the permissible load limit, DDos attacks, violation of the Law of Ukraine.
5. Warn clients about planned technical work on servers.
6. In case of emergency, unplanned works, report them at the time of work.

The duties of the technical support service do not include:
1. Perform operations that the Client can perform independently - through the service control panel on our website, through the ISPManager panel, etc.
2. Identify malfunctions in the operation of the Client's site, script, and CMS.
3. Assist in installing or configuring software on Clients' computers.
4. Teach the Client how to work with computers, tablets, telephones, programs.
5. Give answers to questions that are not directly related to the company's activities.
6. Respond to requests sent from a different e-mail address specified during registration.

Application processing procedure:
1. Technical support of the Client is provided on the basis of a request by e-mail, provided that the letter is written from the e-mail address specified during registration.
2. Your application is considered accepted from the moment you receive an automatic response from the technical support system with an assigned application number.
3. Telephone applications are not official and are of an advisory nature.
4. Processing of applications by email is carried out in order of priority. The deadline for processing a request depends on the workload of the department and is at most:
Mon – Fri up to 24 hours from the moment of receipt,
Sat - Sun up to 48 hours from the moment of receipt.
5. Answers to the most common questions are described on our website at the link:
When receiving a question that is answered in the FAQ, support can send a link to the section where the answer to the question is described.
6. If the Client has any complaints against the company's staff/conflict situations or wishes to express advice/wishes, it is necessary to send a letter to the email address In the letter, it is necessary to specify the ticket number (received after sending the letter of the company's service) for which the difficulties/suggestions arose. Answers to requests are provided no later than three working days from the moment of their receipt.

How to make an application correctly:
1. Before calling or writing to technical support, read the FAQ section at
2. When contacting the support service, always indicate your ID
Each client has a unique ID (identification code) in our system. It is unique for each client and serves to clearly identify you as a user. The identification code looks like a sequence of "ID" characters and a set of numbers. For example, "ID-400037". These data are provided when registering on the company's website, and were sent to your postal address by e-mail. You can also find this information in your personal account on the website. After receiving your ID, we will be able to determine exactly which services are provided to you at the moment.
3. Applications from existing customers must come only from the registered mailbox
4. If, after receiving an answer, you ask a clarifying or additional question on the same topic, do not remove the request identification number from the subject of the letter.
5. Describe in detail the error you encountered
6. If a problem occurs, try to describe it in as much detail as possible, specify the domain or mailbox, the sequence of your actions that could lead to its occurrence, and also attach the texts and screenshots of all received error messages. This will allow us to quickly determine the cause of the problem and eliminate it. Take your time sending messages. Please make sure that you have provided all the information necessary to resolve the issue, otherwise it may take longer to resolve issues.

Examples of how you can report different issues:

  • You are having problems accessing the site. Tell us what address you are visiting, what program for accessing the Internet (browser) you are using, and exactly what error appears when you enter the site.
  • You are having problems accessing your e-mail. Please state the name of the mail program you are using. Did you use mail in this program before or did you set it up for the first time. What are the problems: with sending or receiving. What errors does the program give (not a number, but a text).
  • If the letters you sent do not reach the recipient, then let us know when, from which box and to which you sent the letter. If the letters are returned with errors, then send the text of the letter that was returned to you.