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Gift raffle for St. Valentine's Day


Results of the gift draw:

1. Tronsmart T6 portable speaker - Oleksandr Kubrak (408620)

2. Wireless headphones Tronsmart Encore Spunky Buds - Mykhailo (401709)

3. Wireless headphones Tronsmart Encore S2 Sport - Andriy Kuryachiy (401758)

4. Powerbank Tronsmart PB5 Bolt - Pavlo Sergeyevich Shtifonov (401795)

Congratulations to the winners!

The rest of the participants should not feel defeated either! For this, Tronsmart Ukraine gives you a 10% discount on all portable speakers and accessories until the end of February!

In order to take advantage of the discount, tell the seller our secret password " I love CityHost " :)

Go to the Tronsmart store

For Valentine's Day, we are holding a campaign together with our client - a representative of the Tronsmart brand in Ukraine . Tronsmart has hosted its website with us since the brand appeared on the Ukrainian market. We have chosen gifts for you from this company, as we believe that they will help make Valentine's Day truly romantic.

Let the soft sound of your favorite iconic song in the speaker or headphones remind you of pleasant moments, and the power bank will help you stay in touch with your loved ones!

We are giving away gifts:

1. Tronsmart T6 portable speaker.

2. Tronsmart Encore Spunky Buds wireless headphones.

3. Tronsmart Encore S2 Sport wireless headphones.

4. Powerbank Tronsmart PB5 Bolt.

Complete 2 steps to participate in the draw:

1. Buy a new virtual hosting or extend your existing one for 1 year or more in the period from 02/08/2019 to 02/13/2019.

2. Register for the draw (see the form below on this page) - enter your name and account ID number. The account ID can be found in Control Panel - Settings - Account.

The results of the draw will be published on February 14, 2019 on this page.

Promotion rules:

1. The prize draw is held among CityHost and CityDomain clients.

2. Clients who bought a new virtual hosting or extended an existing virtual hosting between 02.08.2019 and 02.13.2019 inclusive for a period of at least 1 year can participate in the draw.

3. Applications for participation in the draw are accepted until 9:00 a.m. on February 14, 2019.

4. The winners of the draw will be determined by random selection using the service.

5. Winners will be notified about the gifts by e-mail linked to the hosting account.

6. Only the owner of the hosting account can receive the gift.

7. Each raffle participant can receive no more than one gift.

8. Gifts are not exchangeable and cannot be replaced with a cash equivalent.