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ISPmanager 5 | 1st month as a gift

The promotion has expired
The time has come for users of ISPmanager 4th generation, as well as those who do not yet use the capabilities of ISPmanager, to profitably evaluate new opportunities in server management!
The main advantages of the ISPmanager 5 Lite version
  • - Ability to choose the interface mode (simple and expert).
  • - Setup wizard, including flexible setting of user access to both functions and individual form fields.
  • - Built-in PHP-selector, which allows you to install different versions of PHP for different domains.
  • - Integration with the CloudLinux operating system, with the site builder.
Key features of ISPmanager 5 Lite
  • - Linux-based web server management, as well as Apache, Nginx and PHP. Tracking of resource consumption statistics.
  • - Management of mail domains and mailboxes. Configuring redirects and aliases. Use of spam filters. Using DKIM & SpamAssassin.
  • - Ability to use popular CMS platforms such as Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal and others. Website file management.
  • - Setting up and managing web domains.
  • - Management of files and FTP clients. Setting permissions for files and folders.
  • - Setting up automatic backups with the ISPtar module. Creating a backup schedule on third-party storage: Dropbox, Amazon, etc.
  • - Creation and storage of a database, as well as management of user access levels. Installing different versions of MySQL for websites.
  • - Creation of domain zones and names. Configuration and management of name servers thanks to integration with DNSmanager.
  • - Creating and managing user accounts, setting restrictions and various rights to change server settings.
  • - Built-in PHP selector allows you to install different PHP versions, including PHP7 for different domains.
  • - Convenient firewall installation for systems with ISPmanager installed. As well as setting up an SSL certificate to ensure a secure connection.
  • - Branding of the control panel.
  • - Expansion of ISPmanager capabilities using additional modules: Let's Encrypt, DDOS-Guard Protection, Virusdie, KernelCare, Softaculous, Site Pro, CloudFlare.
Supported OS
The ISPmanager control panel consumes very little system resources and can be installed on any modern server with a suitable operating system.
For ISPmanager 5 Lite to work, you must have one of the following OSes:
  • - CentOS 6, 7 (recommended);
  • - Debian 7,8, 9;
  • - Ubuntu 14.04 LTS, 16.04 Xenial.
Update your server control panel and get the 1st month license as a gift!
After the 1st month of using ISPmanager 5, CityHost offers to purchase a license for only UAH 99/month.
Why is it important to upgrade?
The life cycle of ISPmanager 4th generation is over. The release of updates, including those responsible for critical product vulnerabilities, has been discontinued. The provision of any support, consulting and paid program modification services has been discontinued.
We draw your attention to the fact that using a server on which old software is installed can become dangerous.
Briefly about ISPmanager
A professional solution for managing VPS and dedicated servers, as well as for selling virtual hosting. It is equipped with a control panel with rich functionality of the administrator mode. Fully supports business processes with minimal resource requirements. It has the advantages of a Russian-language interface and a technical support service in Russian.
Let us know if you would like an improved ISPmanager in any of the following ways:
  • - by phone 0800 219 220,
  • - in the online chat on the website,
  • - to e-mail